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Among the many diet trends gaining popularity in the recent years is the slow carb diet. This type of diet promotes the consumption of slow carbs or kinds of food that have a low glycemic index. In essence, a slow carb diet is not actually a diet but is only a more balanced way of eating.

By classifying food according to their glycemic index or GI, one can get a better idea what kinds of food the body will be able to break down more easily. Foods with more refined carbohydrates (or high GI food) release glucose into the bloodstream faster; in essence, this process expends energy faster. With a slow carb diet plan, a dieter will take food that has a low glycemic index. Food with low GI are much more complicated and will take longer to process as it passes through the body, in effect, providing a slower yet steadier release of energy.


A slow carb diet is different from low carb diets or a no carb diet – it does not prohibit the dieter to take carbs and instead promotes a healthy mix of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in one’s daily food intake. As with all low carbs diets – or all carbs diets for that matter – the carbohydrates in food included in a slow carb diet can influence one’s hunger, mood levels and concentration.

The positive thing about a slow carb diet though, is that you won’t be counting carbohydrates and calories when you follow this type of diet; you will only be following a guide on which kinds of food from specific food groups you should eat. Other popular diets promoting the intake of low carb diet food require you to watch what you eat and even dictate which kinds of food you can eat. With a slow carb diet, you won’t have to pore over counting carbs in your food.


Among the food which you can take when following a slow carb diet are the miracle noodles. This food reportedly does not contain starch, sugar, fat and gluten, making it an ideal food to include in this type of diet. Miracle noodles can be used to replace regular meals that are bound to be high in bad carbohydrates and contain calories.

A dieter can easily incorporate these noodles with their slow carb diet menus as the noodles come in different forms such as angel hair, fettuccine, linguine, mini pearls and orzo pasta, among many other forms. Adding sauces or salad dressings, however, might not be a good idea as the sauce or the dressing might contain ingredients with high GI, so natural spices or an organic broth can be used to make the miracle noodles tastier.


A slow carb diet need not be boring or difficult to follow; one can easily make the diet menu livelier by making the food tastier and more exciting. A dieter needs to remember that the slow carb diet is not a diet per se but is a more balanced way of eating, so there is no need to deprive oneself.

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